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Staying In Shape When You Have Young Kids

Before I had my two kids, I was used to working out at the gym, playing badminton and going for a run whenever I wanted. With a toddler and baby, I found it was much more difficult to find the time to exercise and invest in my own health and well-being in the way I was used to. However, I was determined to eke out some time in my day for myself and found that if you’re willing to be flexible and take a creative approach to the way you exercise, you can stay in shape. I started this blog to share my tips with other mums and help readers create their own fitness routines that allow them to continue taking part in the sporting activities they enjoy in a way that fits in with their responsibilities as parents.


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Staying In Shape When You Have Young Kids

    Four Signs You Need A New Boat Trim Control Panel

    Determining when it's time to replace a faulty boat trim control panel can be difficult. If you aren't familiar with the signs of a failing trim control panel until it's too late, then you may find yourself stranded in the water after a long day of boating. Don't let this happen to you. Here are four signs that you need a new boat trim control panel before your next trip out on the water:

    Why Swimming Is Such A Great Sport And How To Get Your Kids Started In It

    Australia is known for having quite a good pedigree when it comes to swimmers, with many gold medals on the world stage from the Olympics to the world championships. However, you don't have to be a competitive swimmer to enjoy it on a personal level. Swimming is a great sport to pick up from a young age and not just because it ensures your kid won't drown in an emergency. Here are a few reasons why swimming is a fun event to introduce to your kids and how they can get started safely with correct instructions.

    Choosing The Best Tennis Court Surface For Your Needs

    When you make the decision to have a tennis court constructed, there are several factors for you to take into consideration, including the surface of the court. There are four main types of surface for you to choose from, and they each have unique qualities and drawbacks. Here's an overview of those tennis court surface options for you to consider: Grass Grass courts are synonymous with Wimbledon, but grass needs a lot of maintenance to keep the court in a suitable condition.

    A Stroke Of Luck: Should You Choose A 2-Stroke Or 4-Stroke Outboard Engine For Your RIB?

    Rigid Inflatable Boats, more commonly referred to as RIBs, are tremendously versatile craft that can be used for anything from speeding about on the ocean waves to spending a sedate day fishing on a placid lake. However, a RIB without a suitable outboard is little more than a rather ungainly rowing boat, and with so many makes and models of outboard motors available choosing the right one for your RIB can be challenging.

    How to Choose the Best Boat Style for You

    When you're in the market for a new boat, you may actually get a bit overwhelmed with the many styles and types that are available today, and may wonder which is the right option for your boating needs. It's important to consider carefully those different styles and types, as well as all the features and details they offer, rather than choosing based on price alone. This will ensure you invest in a boat that you're happy with for many years to come.

    Essential items that every new clay shooting enthusiast should have

    Clay shooting (a sport which involves using a shotgun to shoot clay targets) can be a very enjoyable and challenging hobby. However, you cannot simply show up at a shooting range with your shotgun and ammunition and expect to participate; you will need quite a bit of specialist equipment to get started. Read on to find out more: Safety gear It is crucial for those who intend to take up clay shooting as a hobby to equip themselves with the necessary safety gear.

    4 Reasons You Should Pick Up An Awning for Your Caravan

    There are plenty of great accessories that you can pick up for your caravan, but few are as beneficial as an awning. Able to protect you from the weather without forcing you inside, caravan awnings will make a fantastic addition to your adventures. Here are just four reasons you should strongly consider picking one up. 1. Versatile Configurations When most people are asked to picture an awning, they simply think of a basic canopy.

    Tips On Choosing The Right Shoes For Synthetic Grass Tennis Courts

    Whether you're an amateur or a pro, your tennis playing style will alter in accordance with the court surface that you are playing on.  In order to make your technique as effective as possible, it's very important that you select the right footwear for each different court surface.  In fact, the wrong choice of shoe can mean the difference between winning and losing matches and could also leave you more at risk of picking up injuries.